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From € 49 per month

Freedom Internet offers fiber and DSL internet connections over various networks. With your internet subscription, you always receive support from our expert helpdesk.

Freedom Internet offers fiber and DSL internet connections across various networks. With your internet subscription, you'll always receive support from our expert helpdesk, regardless of the speed or network provider you choose.

What's included in your internet subscription?

*If you choose to use your own hardware, you'll receive a € 2 monthly discount.

Different networks

Freedom Internet is available through various networks, and for this reason, it may have different pricing structures. Prices can even vary on the same network due to the involvement of different wholesale providers. To understand how this works in detail, you can read our article: 'Different prices and various fiber networks – What's the deal?' [this one is still in Dutch though].

Curious to know which subscription we offer at your address? Just use our zip code checker!


All Freedom internet connections include the rental of a FRITZ!Box modem. Freedom determines which rental modem is suitable for your order.

If you prefer to purchase a modem instead of renting, in most cases, you have a choice between two modems. Use the zip code checker to see which modem we provide with your subscription. 

Find out more about our FRITZ!Box modems

Professional installation by a technician for € 25

When you purchase an internet subscription from Freedom, you have the option to choose a technician to perform the installation of the internet connection and one TV receiver. For this service, you will be charged a one-time fee of € 25 to Freedom. 

Why Choose Freedom?

Freedom Internet is an internet provider that takes your privacy and online safety seriously. We not only offer fast and reliable internet connections through fiber and DSL, digital TV and phone services but also advocate for a secure and open internet. Discover our full story on 'Why Freedom'.

More than just internet

At Freedom, we prioritize a safe, open, and private internet. That's why your internet subscription includes more than just an internet connection. You also receive:

1. Your own domain name

At Freedom, you get your own .nl domain name. You can register a new domain or link an existing one to your email. With your own domain name, you can easily switch providers in the future without changing your email address.

Learn how to use your own domain name here.

2. Privacy-protected email

With 'Freedom Mail,' you can securely send and receive emails from protected servers. You can choose to send emails from or Freedom Mail is included as a standard feature in your internet subscription, or you can choose to purchase it separately.

Learn more about Freedom Mail.

3. F-Secure security software

At Freedom, we place great importance on safe internet usage. That's why we gift all Freedom customers the comprehensive F-Secure security software package with their internet connection.

Learn more about F-Secure Security Software.

4. A fixed IPv4 address

A fixed IPv4 address is highly convenient for those who run their own servers at home, allowing external connections knowing the exact address to access. It's also valuable for remote workers whose employers require their IP address to be whitelisted. Unlike most other providers that provide dynamic IPv4 addresses that change periodically, a fixed IPv4 address offers more convenience and reliability.

5. Optional: encrypted DNS

At Freedom, we make sure your browsing history remains private. We only log data for operational purposes and not for commercial exploitation. As an extra layer of protection, we also offer encrypted DNS (DoT and DoH), keeping potential eavesdroppers within your network at bay.

Learn how to set up your Reverse DNS in the manual.